Monthly Archives: April 2005 Makeover

The website has just undergone an extensive makeover. We did the original site in-house and even though we were pleased with the results it lacked the professional look and feel we felt was necessary as part of the Surfulater … Continue reading

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On Press Releases and the Media

Public Relations companies control much of what we read in the main stream press and people are looking for alternative ways to get information. Blogging is one. Continue reading

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Should I laugh or cry?

Three US boffins built a programme designed to create research papers with random text, charts and diagrams. Two bogus papers were submitted to a computing conference in Florida, and one of them was accepted. I really can’t believe this. What … Continue reading

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Surfulater V1.60, B0.0 released

Surfulater V1.60, B0.0 released. It includes a new content navigation history list, the ability to use the Delete key in the knowledge tree, visual tweaks, information about our Web site re-design, our new Blog and various bug fixes. Continue reading

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Password company spams

I can’t believe this but it’s true. A colleague of mine received the spam e-mail below the other day from a company that wants us to store all of our passwords, drivers license details, travelers cheque references and other valuable … Continue reading

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Podcasts – what and why?

There was a post over at one of my favourite sites Codeproject yesterday asking if anyone was into podcasts, to which I replayed yes. If you don’t know what podcasts they are quite simply small radio shows that you can … Continue reading

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Advice from a Bootstrapper

Dr. Jeffrey R. Cornwall writes: I just finished several weeks of teaching about bootstrapping to my students. I wrapped up the unit with a visit from Charles Hagood, co-founder of The Access Group, which was the feature of a recent … Continue reading

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Information Organisation

David Weinberger writes: We’ve organized knowledge into trees, from Aristotle to Linnaeus to Dewey. You get a tree by doing the basic thing of lumping and splitting, and then splitting the lumps until you get to a lump that is … Continue reading

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Supermarkets need to lift their game

I’ve just finished reading an article in yesterdays Melbourne Age Business section about how Australian retailers are way behind in their use of technology and how they need to lift their game to be competitive and keep customers coming back … Continue reading

Posted in Marketing | Comments Off helps small-medium sized businesses strategically use technology to grow their businesses and provides news, articles, discussion boards, resources, analysis & events for the owners of small-medium sized businesses. I’ve just discovered because, I’m pleased to say they’ve written … Continue reading

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