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Ontology is Overrated

Ontology is Overrated is a PodCast I recommend you listen to if you are interested in finding out more about organizing information and why using categories or hierarchical trees is flawed Continue reading

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Creeping Featuritis

The need to stop adding features to products, for features sake, even if that means losing some potential customers. Continue reading

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ZDNet gives Surfulater a welcome boost

Interest in Surfulater has reached a new high this past week, which is very welcome indeed. It is difficult for small companies to get the message out, about new products. We don’t have big PR budgets, don’t wine and dine … Continue reading

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Securing Information – TrueCrypt

I’m fanatical about backing up my work. Writing software is complex and costly business and the thought of losing work and having to do it over is one I don’t care to entertain. I backup to an off-site server several … Continue reading

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Surfulater V1.70, B0.0 released

There has been interest in being able to grab images from other programs and paste them into Surfulater articles. For example copying an image from a Microsoft Word document and pasting it into Surfulater. This is obviously a good idea … Continue reading

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