Monthly Archives: August 2006

There is a bug

I found out last week that there is a bug which I introduced in the last release V1.98.4.0 which prevents Surfulater from creating new articles if it isn’t already running. You get an error message saying you need to open … Continue reading

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Jumping hurdles

When I was a young fellow at secondary school we had to jump hurdles in the physical education class. I have to tell you I was petrified every time we had to do this. I was short and the hurdles were … Continue reading

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Not Happy!

For the past week and a bit I’ve been doing a lot of research into synchronization techniques, client/server technology, tcp/ip, Windows and Unix sockets and the like. This is all related to the work I’m doing to enable Surfulater databases … Continue reading

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Surfulater V1.98, B4.0 released – Being more responsive

I’m very pleased that we are keeping up the pace of frequent new releases. So often in the software world this isn’t the case, with new releases being few and far between and the poor old customers becoming more and … Continue reading

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