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Building a new PC for Xmas because I want a NAS – Part 1

In what seems like a previous life I was heavily into electronics, in fact it was my career for quite some time. I used to love building electronic gadgets, predominantly digital, which progressed naturally into micro-computers. The first computer I built … Continue reading

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Surfulater V2.00 Released. The 11th and final release for 2006.

Ok the dust has settled, and there have been no real problems to speak of, with the Surfulater V2.00 release, I’m very pleased to say. I want to briefly run through some of the new features in this release, so … Continue reading

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It’s the 13th, but not Friday and Version Two-dot-oh has been released

A short and sweet post to let everyone know that Surfulater Version 2.00 has been released and is available for download. With some releases everything just falls nicely into place and away you go. This one was just a bit … Continue reading

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